Energy OPtimisation

Ditiropele is an independently black owned business offering installations and services of rotating equipment focusing mainly on HVAC systems and Heat Pumps. The services are inclusive of repair, installation and maintenance of: air-conditioners, compressors; ducting system surveys, and Indoor Air Quality Systems, Comfort Controllers, refrigeration systems, energy audits and many solar and energy efficient options. The energy management is a specialty area which is packed to offer an energy saving cost benefit for the client. Energy management through interaction with Eskom will ensue that clients achieve a cost benefit from efforts made in changing their load demand. We are able to execute and facilitate that process.


The quality of our service offering lies within the ever-changing technology and continuous innovation optimization that results in harmony with the environment. We have successfully provided energy management along with demonstration thereof and financial models for a Facilities management firm.


Ditiropele offers a wide range of maintenance services aimed specifically around Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC).  Our service and related product offering ranges from data and cable rooms, public offices to offices and industrial buildings. The key premise of our offering is to provide regularity in temperatures, humidity and air-flow consistency and comfort within the specific areas of occupancy while ensuring that our clients achieve optimum energy saving levels and those carbon emissions and harmful gases are not released into the environment.


Ditiropele understands that within an industry where ventilation hygiene is ever becoming more and more important from both employee welfare, occupational health and safety aspects our services offerings be fully cognitive of all environmental elements and employee safety procedures. By doing this Ditiropele ensures an understanding with adherence to all local buildings codes and standards.


In addition to our services we also offer more extensive offerings in association with our partner companies. In conjunction to this we assist clients with reviewing their current systems designs and operational parameters to establish compliance with the appropriate regulatory or performance standards including that of ASHRAE Standards.

We take great pride in every task that we undertake. Fully analyzing the following:

  • Advise on Energy saving solutions with rebates from ESKOM over  5 years minimum
  • Design configuration for Energy saving.
  • Continuous Technological Innovation.
  • Cost Efficiency Analysis and demonstration of energy savings and consumption
  • Application of natural outdoor air for cooling.
  • Easier Maintenance Solutions.
  • Application of changes to gases that are less harmful and in line with the Kyoto protocol.